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About us

Group Therapy is:


Lead/rhythm guitar and vocals. Seen a bit of action but still amazingly positive and full of energy.

Struggled to play guitar in the early days following his Bert Weedon book but eventually got to grips with it... Played bass and sang backing vocals in a northern band called "The Change" in the late 60's and early 70's before getting a proper job. Loves music especially live events and is having a great time with his mates in Group Therapy.


Lead/rhythm guitar and vocals. Hardly a teenager but brings the average age of the band down to a more acceptable level.

Former member of the popular 80's band Wite linze which throughout that decade played all over the South East of England. Started writing songs and formed song writing trio The Puzzle Ends with some success. Met a girl , got married, settled down, the rest is group therapy!


Drums, backing vocals. Old school but plays an electronic drum does that work...?

Worked semi-pro and professionally in the 60s and early 70s, gigging from Southampton to Wolverhampton, but left ‘to spend more time with his family’ when the band got a recording contract and started playing even further afield. Forty years later, the oldest member of the band can indulge his love of hitting things and making loud noises again, but now (mostly) gets home before sunrise and in time for a cocoa before bed.


Bass guitar, backing vocals. Also been around a while but still the cool one..... doesn’t need a change of shirt between sets.

Trained as a classical pianist and was awarded a bronze medal from the London School of Music before turning into an adolescent with more interest in girls and popular music. In the late 60’s he spent a lot of his spare time touring around with a band and then after a lapse of some forty years, he moved from keyboards and took up playing bass guitar to complete the line-up in Group Therapy.