Welcome to Group Therapy

Group therapy is not just a band it's four friends who know each other well and it shows, not just in the way we play together but in our interaction with the audience.

Our style is eclectic and ranges from ballads to reggae and rock standards spanning the last six decades.

A number only gets to a gig if all four want to play it - one person isn't keen and the song is scrapped - with the end result that we really love what we play. The most common accolade from people who come to a Group Therapy gig is "the song choice is great". You won't get bored with music in one style that sounds good at first but then somehow gets repetitive, as Andy’s Variax guitar and Richard’s electronic percussion allow us to get a much more varied sound than most can manage.

We all have an active social life outside of the band and with that in mind we consciously restrict the number of gigs we perform each month but getting together most weeks for a few beers and to work on new numbers is a ritual we love to keep.

Let's move on to the who we are, what we play, some techie stuff for the really keen or sad and importantly what we sound like and where we are playing next. Below is a quick medley to give you a hint of our sound, but to hear more please visit our tracks page. To the right is a list of our up-coming gigs