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If you're reading this then you'll be a musician, have a strange curious streak, or just be sad with nothing better to do. Either way we thought we'd stick down what gear we use.


ElectroVoice (EV) PA system with two ELX 115P speakers plus for the larger / outdoor gigs a Yamaha DSR 118P sub-woofer.
The four vocal mics (and in the larger gigs all the instruments and the drums) are fed to the PA via a Yamaha MG16 166CX 16 channel mixing console.


Line6 Variax 700 (saves carrying 25 guitars everywhere) through Line 6 Flextone lll Modelling amp.


American Fender Stratocaster and Telecaster through Peavey Classic 50 valve amp with Blue Marvel speakers.


Yamaha DTXpress III electronic drum kit through JBL EON515XT powered speakers.


Ibanez SR500 through Ashdown Engineering Mag300 EVO II.